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Central Instrumentation Facility

Materials characterization and instrumental methods of Analysis form an indispensable tool for any R & D program. The Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) has been established at the Central Electrochemical Research Institute that acquires, maintains sophisticated analytical equipments all under one roof and provides service to the R & D projects of CECRI, Research scholars, academic institutions and industries.  The facility has grown into an important R & D support group for spectral measurements, structure determination and materials characterization. Apart from the analytical facilities, this centre undertakes the development of custom built electronic instruments for our in-house R & D projects and specific request from academic institutions and industries.  Also, on specific request, CIF can provide training for operation and maintenance of sophisticated instruments at other institutions also. Project guidance is offered for M.Sc. (ECE and Instrumentation) and M.E / M.Tech students in their final year projects.

CIF has the following sophisticated analytical instrumentation facilities to characterize bulk materials and surfaces using Spectroscopy, Resonance, Surface analytical, X-ray and Chromatographic techniques.


  Guide Lines for Sample Submission


  Analysis Charges for Instrumentation Facilities


Analytical Facilities:

S. No. Facility Name Contact Details  Technical Details Application Form
1  FT-IR Spectrometer

 Smt. Nalini Thondiraj, naliniraj.cif[at]gmail.com

 Download Download
2 Micro Hardness Tester  Download Download
3 UV-VIS-NIR Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Smt. Panjali Natarajan, panjali.cif[at]gmail.com, 04565-241534

 Download Download
4 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Smt. Panjali Natarajan, panjali.cif[at]gmail.com, 04565-241530  Download Download
5 Laser Raman Microscope Mr.Devendra prajapati, devendra2211[at]gmail.com, 04565-241327/517/ 466  Download Download
6 Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) Mr. V.Prabu, vprabu[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241327/476  Download
7 SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPY (SPM) Mrs.Bagyalakshmi,. vathsekar[at]gmail.com, 04565-241514  Download Download
8 Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan/Devendra Prajapati,radha_1965[at]yahoo.com, 04565-241466  Download Download
9 Scanning Electron Microscope Smt. Nalini Thondiraj/Mr. Ravishankar, ravishankar_cecri[at]rediffmail.com, 04565-241513  Download Download

XRD (Bruker)

Mrs.K.Andal, andal[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241515 Download Download
11 XRD (PAN Analytical) Mrs.S.Krithika, krithika.ece[at]gmail.com, 04565-241465  Download  Download
12 XRD (RIGAKU) LOW ANGLE XRD Mr.Thipperudra swamy, thipperudras9[at]gmail.com, 04565-241253  Download  Download
13 Transmission Electron Microscope - TEM Mr. Rathish Kumar, mca_rathish[at]yahoo.co.in , 04565-241505  Download Download
14 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectrometer Mr. V M Shanmugam, shanmugam.nmrlab[at]gmail.com, 04565-241510  Download  Download
15 High Resolution SEM (FESEM) Mr. V.Prabu, vprabu[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241476            Download  Download
16 Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer Dr.Neelavannan, mgneelus[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241353/339   Download  Download
17 High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Dr.Neelavannan, mgneelus[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241353/339   Download  Download
18 Particle Size Analyser    Download  Download
19  High Resolution - Transmission Electron Microscope (HR-TEM) Mr. Rathish Kumar, mca_rathish[at]yahoo.co.in , 04565-241505 & Mr.Gopalakrishnan, vgkrishnan[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241450  Download  Download


CHNS Analysis Mr. P Murugesan, murugesh_65[at]yahoo.com, 04565-241339/341  Download  Download
21 AAS Analysis Mr. V M Shanmugam, shanmugam.nmrlab[at]gmail.com, 04565-241510  Download  Download
22  TGA/DSC Analysis Mr.  Stephenson S, stevececri[at]rediffmail.com, 04565-241339/516  Download  Download
 23 TGA/DTA/DSC Mr. P Murugesan, murugesh_65[at]yahoo.com, 04565-241339/341  Download  Download
 24  XPS/XPS [ESCA] Mr. J. Kennedy/Mr. Ranjith Kumar, kennedy[at]cecri.res.in, ranjith[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241477/518  Download  Download
 25  XRF Mrs.K.Andal, andal[at]cecri.res.in, 04565-241515, Mr.Thipperudra swamy, thipperudras9[at]gmail.com, 04565-241253  Download  Download


  • Training: CIF conducts a 5-Day training programme on “Instrumental Methods of Analysis” during October every year for the benefit of R & D personnel, teaching faculties in colleges and engineers employed in process control industries.

  • Analysis of samples for academic institutions and industries: These analytical facilities are being extended to other academic institutions and industries on payment basis. The details of charges and necessary applications are available in www.cecri.res.in

Contact Persons:

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
Senior Principal Scientist
Central Instrumentation Facility
Phone : 04565 241466