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Electro Organic People in Research Group Research Guidance
Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 AkamusaM.Sc Electrodeposition of Ag in Triethylammonium formate2016
2 Demudu BabuGraphene Electrochemistry 
3 Dr. J. WilsonPreparation and Characterization of Poly(Vinylidene fluoride- Hexafluoropropylene) (PVdF-HFP) Gel and Composite Electrolytes for Li Batteries2006
4 Dr. K. KulangiaparElectrochemical Bromination of Alkylaromatic compounds – A Preparative Approach2011
5 Dr. M. ElangovanElectrosynthesis of Polysilane and Doped Polysilane Materials and Their Characterisation2004
6 G.Panjima M.Sc Studies on the anodic dissolution of Ni and Cu in different solvents containing fluoroborate salts2011
7 K. Firoz BabuTextile Electrochemistry2013
8 KP.SaranyaM.Sc Electrodeposition of Cu in EMIMS2016
9 M. DeepaM. Sc., The influence of solvents and fluoride source on the anodic behavior of copper in non-aqueous media2008
10 M. SheelaM. Phil -Electrochemical oxidation of phenols on BDD electrode in aqueous media2009
11 M. VigneswaranM.Phil Studies on electrochemical trifluoromethylation of methyl isonicotinate2012
12 M. VijayalakshmiM.Sc Electrooxidation of 2,6-dichlorophenols on BDD in aqueous and non-aqueous media2010
13 MaivizhiM.Phil Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of fluoro and non-fluoro anion based novel room temperature ionic liquids2011
14 R. KumudaM.Phil Adsorption effect on BDD and GC electrodes for the voltammetric oxidation of 2,6-dimethoxy phenol in different electrolyte media2010
15 R. RevathiM.Sc Electrodepostion of Cobalt in TEMAMS2016
16 S. Senthil KumarMetal Organic Frameworks2013
17 V SelvamaniPh.D Ionic liquids as electrolytes for energy Devices 
18 V. Antoe JasmineM. Phil Electrochemical behavior of silver in different aqueous solvents containing fluoride media2008
19 V. RameshM.Sc Electrochemical oxidation of 2,6-dimethoxy phenol and mesitylene on BDD and GC in aqueous media2010