Electroplating & Metal Finishing Technology Milestones / Achievements Patents


S. No.TitleInventorsCountryApp.No.Filing DatePatent No.Patent Seal Date
1 Environment-friendly and Stable Brass Electroplating Bath Shailendra Kumar Jha, India  0160NF2014
2 Integral electric heater element KN Srinivasan, IndiaNF 93-94 04-Jul-1995 1246/DEL/95
3 An ecofriendly process for the prevention of biofouling P Veeramani, India  2162, DEL 2006
4 A novel method of synthesis of rhodium metal foam using room temperature ionic liquids M Jayakumar, India2271/MUM/2012 08-Aug-2012 279100 13-Jan-2017
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