Electroplating & Metal Finishing Technology Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Selvam-MBulk chloridization of electroless silver plated on ABS plastic buttons for ECG applicationElectropl.Met.Finish.201012  
2 Selvam-MElectroless silver deposition on ABS plastic using Co(II) as reducing agent Trans. Inst. Metal. Finish.201088 198-203
3 Selvam-MColouring of anodised aluminium by electroless methodSurf. Eng.201127 711-718
4 Srinivasan-KN, John-SElectroless nickel deposition from methane sulfonate bath J. Alloys Compd.20094861-2447-450
5 Florence-F, Nisha, Rajendran-S, Srinivasan-KN, John-SStudies on electrodeposition of copper from methanesulphonic acid bathInt. J. ChemTech. Res.20113 1318-1325
6 Srinivasan-KN, Selvaganapathy-T, Meenakshi-R, John-SElectroless deposition of nickel-cobalt-phosphorus nanoalloySurf. Engg.201127 65-70
7 Srinivasan-KN, Thangavelu-PRElectroless deposition of Ni-P composite coatings containing kaolin nanoparticlesTransactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing201290 105-112