Electroplating & Metal Finishing Technology People in Research Group Research Guidance
Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 A.MuthumeenalStudies on Electroless Ni-Mo-P alloy deposition2000
2 A.SubramanianStudies on the preparation and properties of S-Nickel anode1998
3 A.ThillaivaananOptimization of machining parameters for non traditional machining2012
4 AnuradhaStudies on Electroless Ni,Co,Ni-Co coating for reflectors1992
5 B.DeepaStudies on Electroless Ni-Cu-P alloy deposition1997
6 D.Sudha Studies on Electroless deposition of Ni-P-Kaolin composite coating2011
7 JayashreeZn-Ni alloy deposition from alkaline bath2012
8 K.SevuganStudies on the influence of agitation in electroless nickel1989
9 K.SivasubramanianElectroless nickel deposition –Effect of Various bath Parameters1994
10 L.AnjanaStudies on electroless cobalt phosphorous deposition1991
11 M.SelvanganpathyEffect of agitation in electroless nickel bath2009
12 M.SubramaniInfluence of sodium tungstate on Electroless Ni-P deposition1993
13 Miss G.Kumudha “Electroless deposition 2009
14 Miss PriyavadahnaStudies on electroless nickel plating from methane Sulphonic acid bath2001
15 Miss Sivagami SundariStudies on Electroless Ni-Fe-P” to the student2002
16 Mrs. MeenakshiStudies on electroless nickel –Boron deposition2005
17 Mrs.pradeepaStudies on electroless nickel plating from Toluene Sulphonic acid bath 2008
18 Ms A.SanthiStudies on light emitting electroless nickel to the student2008
19 Ms GayathriStudies on bright electroless nickel deposition 2008
20 Ms. JayanthiraniStudies on stripping of electroless nickel coating from steel substrates2008
21 MuruganStudies on Electroless Ni composites for EDM cutting tools2003
22 N.LakshmiStudies on internal stress in Electroless nickel deposition1994
23 P.NiroshaEffect of Henna extract 2011
24 P.NishaStudies on electro deposition of copper from methane sulphonic acid 2010
25 P.SarithaElectroless Ni-P-PTFE composite coatings , PG Diploma Project work1995