Electropyro Metallurgy Overview

   Electropyro Metallurgy Division is one of the pioneering Divisions of the CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi carrying out Research in both basics and applied aspects of molten salt extractive metallurgy. The research programs have been supported by CSIR and other Government agencies like Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Space,  Defence Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Mines and Ministry of Energy since 1963 onwards.

      The R&D activities are mainly devoted towards the extraction of strategically important metals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminium and titanium by electro winning and refining processes. Transition and rare earth metals, alloys and compounds such as novel oxides, borides, carbides, and nitrides are also being prepared by electrometallurgical routes.

The above Metals and Materials are significant important for our Nuclear, Space and Defence programmes. Advanced nanomaterials have also been prepared for high temperature oxidation and wear resistance coatings which are used in Missile and Defence applications. The group has the capability of producing innovative Metals and Materials by molten salt electrolysis for our indigenous needs.