CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute
(A premier R&D Institute in Electrochemistry)
Electropyro Metallurgy Overview Capabilities
  • Capable of designing and operation of molten salt electrolytic reactors for the efficient production of Ca and Mg metals.

  • Capable of developing coatings for high temperature applications.

  • Innovative methodologies to prepare nanooxides, ferrites for Catalysis, water electrolysis electronic and magnetic applications.

  • Preparation of Rare Earth Metals and Alloys by Reduction Diffusion Technique and Molten Salt Electrolysis.

  • Preparation of Advanced Materials such as Transition metal borides, Rare earth borides by molten salt technique.

  • Preparation of catalytic electrodes stable anode, cathodes for molten salt reaction system

  • Design, plan and execute the electrolytic process for the extraction of calcium, titanium, rare earth metals / alloys by molten salt method.

  • Expert in Novel materials like metal carbide / nitride by molten salt technique also prepared.

  • Electrochemical synthesis of CNT, graphene and thermoelectric materials also concentrated in the Division.

  • Characterization of the product by various analytical techniques also carried out.