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Title of Product / Design / Equipment:

    Integrated Corrosion Monitoring Sensor [ICMS] gadget.

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    Submitted Patent in India.

    File No: 0215NF2016


    Corrosion Monitoring in Concrete Structures likes

  • *Nuclear Reactor Buildings
  • *Dams
  • *Tunnels
  • *Bridges and Viaducts
  • *High-rise and historical buildings.
  • *Foundations
  • *Construction sites
  • *Mining
  • *Settlement areas

Salient Technical Features including
Competing Features:

  • ICMS is a versatile integrated sensor gadget, a basket of sensors to measure potential, corrosion rate, resistivity and temperature simultaneously to alert us on the health of structures/bridges/reactors. Early detection of corrosion through this all terrain compatible embeddable sensor has been made accessible through a custom designed Mobile App for corrosion monitoring in civil infra structures. Keeping this handy and wireless remote control, one can have round the clock monitoring of civil structures aided by scientific data from anywhere and everywhere. Salient Technical Features
  • *Predictive maintenance utilizes nondestructive testing through sensor technology
  • *Detects the existence of the damage on the structure
  • *Locates the damage as and when occurs
  • *Identifies the types of damage
  • *Quantifies the severity of damage
  • *Reliability-centered maintenance included
  • *Alerts and extends clues on Corrective maintenance

Commercialization Status:

    Yet to be Commercialized