Technology Profile


Title of Product/Design/Equipment:

    Degradable amorphous alloy coatings by Sputtering for bioimplants.

IPR Status Patent/ Copyright/ Trademark
secured in Indian/Abroad IPR Details:

    Indian Patent application No: 201611022422.

    Biodegradable amorphous alloy thin films for biomineralization and a process for the preparation thereof


    Coatings for short term implants. Elimination of secondary surgery.

Salient Technical Features including
Competing Features:

  • *Lower Young’s modulus (comparable to that of bone).
  • *Better hemocompatability
  • *Attachment of bacteria on amorphous alloy coatings was found to be very minimum
  • *Non cytotoxic in nature.
  • *Bio degradable and biocompatible.
  • *Elimination of second surgery.

Commercialization Status:

    Yet to be Commercialized