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Title of Product / Design / Equipment:

    Super hard coatings for biomedical applications

IPR Status Patent/ Copyright/ Trademark
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    Coatings can be used in biomedical implants such as those used in orthopedic, orthodontic and cardiovascular supports.

Salient Technical Features including
Competing Features:

  • *Lower friction coefficient and better wear resistance for the multilayer coated sample.
  • *Better hemocompatability
  • *Attachment of bacteria on multilayer coatings was found to be very minimum and without colonization
  • *Decrease of the inflammation of the peri-implant soft tissues
  • *Potentiodynamic polarization studies showed that multilayer coating exhibits superior in vitro corrosion resistance than single layer and bare substrate in simulated body fluid.

Commercialization Status:

    Yet to be Commercialized