Technology Profile


Title of Product /Design/ Equipment:

  • Degradable amorphous alloy coatings by Sputtering for bioimplants

IPR Status Patent/ Copyright / Trademark
secured in Indian/Abroad IPR Details:

  • Indian Patent application No: 201611022422 Biodegradable amorphous alloy thin films for biomineralization and a process for the preparation thereof


  • Coatings forshort term implants. Elimination of secondary surgery.

Salient Technical Features including
Competing Features:

  • Lower Young’s modulus (comparable to that of bone) Better hemocompatability.
    Attachment of bacteria on amorphous alloy coatings was found to be very minimum Non cytotoxic in nature Bio degradable and biocompatible Elimination of second surgery.

Commercialization Status:

    Yet to be commercialized