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  • Redox active polymer Encapsulated Lamellar {REL} compound based Anticorrosive coating for reinforcement bars

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  • Patented. Patent No: 0056NF15


  • Uses:

  • 1. The anticorrosive coating system containing REL compound offers excellent corrosion protection of steel embedded in concrete.

  • 2. Anticorrosive coating system containing REL compound repassivates the exposed steel rebar surface at pin holes and arrests the corrosion of steel rebars at these locations due to its redox property.

  • 3. The anticorrosive coating system containing REL compound replaces the conventional toxic pigment based coatings.

  • 4. The anticorrosive coating with REL compound resists the permeation of very high concentration of 7% NaCl even under accelerated condition.

  • 5. The RCC specimens embedded with this newly developed anticorrosive coated rebar withstand more than 1750 hours for initiation of crack even under accelerated test condition.

Salient Technical Features including
Competing Features:

  • Table 1 Corrosion resistant properties of coating on rebars

Accelerated studiesRebars studied
Uncoated rebarCoated with REL
Time to cracking study70 hours1900 hours
Anodic Polarization (Tolerable limit for chloride)180 ppm1000 ppm
Cathodic disbondment test {Current}490 mA27 mA

Commercialization Status:

    Yet to be commercialized