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      Corrosion Resistant inhibitive admixture for Portland Pozzolana Cement.

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      Already patented.
    • Patent No: 1421 / Del / 99.


      *The process involves a simple step of adding inhibitors during manufacturing of cement or while making concrete at site.

    • *The added chemicals are in powder form and can be mixed at the factory itself, while producing cement or during making concrete.
    • *This product can be used for constructions in aggressive marine environments, since it is more corrosion resistant than normal cement due to the inhibitive nature of the added compounds.

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    • Table 1 Physical Properties
      TestPPCInhibitor admixed PPC
      Compressive Strength {N/mm 2 } Mortar specimens (3 days) Mortar specimens (7 days) Concrete specimens (28 days)16.00 17.75 38716.50 19.83 387
      Tensile Strength {N/mm 2 }1.2401.260
      Consistency [for 33 mm penetration]0.3280.290
      Initial setting time (minutes)149135
      Final setting time (minutes)345330
      Table 2 Corrosion resistant properties of cements
      Performance StudiesAdded chloride ( ppm)PPCInhibitor admixed PPC
      Weight loss {Corrosion Rate - mmpy }100000.01910.0029
      Electrochemical Impedance (Rct value) {K ohms cm 2 }100003.59149.377
      Linear Polarization resistance (Rp value) {K ohms cm 2 }100006.22031.554
      Anodic Polarization Potential (mV) Initial10000.7501.100
      Peak potential Current {micro ampere}100001100. 325

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