field emission scanning electron microscope carl zeiss, supra 55vp

Technical Specification


Carl Zeiss, Germany


SUPRA 55VP, Gemini Column. With air lock system


1.2 nm gold particle separation on a carbon substrate


From a min of 100x to greater than 5, 00,000 X


1. Secondary Electron 1 (In Lens)

2. Secondary Electron 2(SE2)

3. Backscattered Electron (BSE)

4. VPSE (Variable Pressure Mode)

Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (Edx)

Oxford Instruments X-MAX (20mm²)


SUPRA 55VP FE-SEM is a general purpose ultra high resolution FE-SEM based on the unique GEMINI Technology. It provided excellent imaging properties combined with analytical capabilities which make this high end FE-SEM suitable for a wide range of applications in materials science, life science and semiconductor technology. The large specimen chamber for the integration of optional detectors and accessories enables the user to configure the SUPRA for specific applications without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.

Sample Requirement

Sample should be in dried condition and it can be powder (50 mg)
Thin Film, pellet, coating etc. should be 1cm2 area and 5mm to 10 mm thickness in size.


Carl Zeiss, SUPRA 55 VP