x-rayphotoelectron Spectrometer multilab2000

Technical Specification


Thermo Scientific


MULTILAB 2000 Base system with X-Ray, Auger and ISS attachments.


Twin Anode Mg/Al (300/400W) X-Ray Source.

EX05 Ion gun for etching and ISS studies.

Electron Gun with spot size < 50mm dia.


 110 mm radius hemispherical analyzer with 7 channeltrons.

 4 variable analyzer slits viz 5, 2, 1 mm and 4mm.

 Operates in CAE (Constant Analyser Energy) and CRR (Constant Retard Ratio) modes.

Salient Features

 Sample heating and cooling stages in preparation and Analysis Chamber.

 Sample manipulator with high precision four axes movement.

 CCD camera and zoom microscope for optical viewing of the samples.


 What elements and the quantity of those elements that are present within the top 1 - 12 nm of the sample surface

 What contamination, if any, exits on the surface or in the bulk of the sample

 Empirical formula of a material that is free of excessive surface contamination

 The chemical state identification of one or more of the elements in the sample

 The binding energy of one or more electronic states

 The thickness of one or more thin layers (1-8 nm) of different materials within the top 12 nm of the surfaces.

Sample Requirement

Solid samples like powder (5-10 mg), Pellet (1cm dia with 2-3 mm thickness), thin film sample area (1cm2 ) may be supplied

The sample should not contain any volatile / degasing materials which will affect ultra high vacuum in the analysis chamber.



Multilab 2000