Tip enhanced raman spectroscopy renishaw invia

Technical Specification


Nanonics Imaging Limited, Israel


Multview 2000

Focal Length


Raman Spectrum

50cm-1 to 4000cm-1



Specially adapted Research Grade Leica microscope allowing confocal measurements with better than 2.5μm depth resolution (using a 100x objective), 2.5x, 20x and 50x objective.

Laser: Air cooled Argon Ion Laser , 50Mw at 514nm, High power Infrared diode laser 250Mw at 785nm, Auto align and optimisation of input laser power

Detector: CCD array detector near infrared enhanced, deep resolution (576x384 pixels). Peltier cooler to -70˚C


AFM & Raman

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) provides a variety of nanometric characterizations such as topography, conductivity, and thermal measurements. While very effective at measuring certain properties, AFM cannot identify the chemical composition of a given material.

Raman spectroscopy, however, has emerged as a critical technique in the field of chemical characterization, accurately identifying and classifying materials in a number of diverse fields and industries such as: material science, chemistry, biophysics, semiconductors, and many more.

Sample nature & Sample requirement

Sample Nature : Solid
Sample size should be (1.5 x 1.5) cm2 area and 3mm thickness.


Renishaw Invia