1. Registration No. 64/85 (Registered as a Society under the Tamilnadu Societies Act No.27/1975)

2. Date of Formation: 16th October, 1985

3. Aims & Objectives

  • To stress the importance of Values - Moral, Ethical, Spiritual, etc., in life

  • To promote the advancement of the Science of Human Development

  • To evolve and evaluate various techniques for realizing the potential of human body & mind

  • To collect scientific data on the efficacy of different techniques in improving creativity, intelligence and originality in individuals

  • To provide a common forum for scientists, academicians, businessmen, industrialists, agriculturists, administrators and others for fostering the advancement of the Science of Human Development

  • To organize meetings, lectures, demonstration of yoga/meditation, training classes in the interest of members

  • To organize with or without the collaboration of like-minded bodies/institutions Seminars on topics relating to the Science of Human Development

  • To promote and to bring out publications-magazines, books, etc.,


Open to all who have completed 18 years of age and are interested in the objectives of the Forum. The application form can be had from the Secretary, FASOHD, CECRI, Karaikudi-630006, Tamilnadu, free of cost. The filled-in application has to be submitted to the Secretary along with Entrance fee and Subscription. If the application is accepted, the applicant becomes a member. The EC reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.

Any member who wishes to leave the Forum can submit his resignation to the Secretary, after paying all dues from him to the Forum, and get himself relieved.

Membership Fee

(a) Entrance Fee Rs.10/-

(b) Life Subscription Rs.300/-

(c) Institutional Membership Rs.5000/-


  • Conducting Seminars periodically on various topics of relevance to the Science of Human Development. So far Eight National Seminars have been conducted in collaboration with academic and research institutions and service organizations in different places in India like Mysore, kanyakumari, Karaikudi, Cochin, Coimbatore, etc.,

  • Organizing lectures periodically on useful topics like Halth, Alternative Systems of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Meditation, Literature, etc.,

  • Publishing bulletins for the benefit of members. An English Quarterly, FASOHD BULLETIN and a Tamil Quarterly, SIGARAM, containing elevating and uplifting thoughts and ideas are published and distributed to members free of cost.

  • Conducting a Study Circle, which meets periodically to read and discuss interesting, useful and elevating literature

  • Running a library, containing rare, elevating and highly useful books for the benefit of members

  • Conducting programs for the younger generation. A spoken english course, a computer course and a Personality Development Program for Students have been conduceted so far. FASOHD is planning to conduct a summer camp for boys

  • Conducting free medical camps