PEM Electrolyser

Electrochemical defluorination of drinking water

Development of high temperature ceramic thermal barrier coatings..

Cement polymer composite coating system for corrosion protection ..

Degradable amorphous alloy coatings by Sputtering for bioimplants


Redox active polymer Encapsulated Lamellar {REL} compound ..

Anticorrosive treatment for steel reinforcement rods

Corrosion Resistant inhibitive admixture for Portland Pozzolana Cement

corrosion resistance, Thermal coating for Hydroclaves

Multicoat protective scheme for concrete structures and bridges

Formulation of Neutral paint removing Jelly

Integrated Corrosion Monitoring Sensor [ICMS] gadget

Degradable amorphous alloy coatings by Sputtering for bioimplants

Amorphous alloy coatings by sputtering on surgical tools.

Super hard coatings for biomedical applications

Sputter Coating of metallic nitrides on Nickel or Chrome..

Sputter Etching of brass valves for bonding to rubber

Metal oxide impregnated fabrics for surgical mesh

3-Chloromethyl azetidinone ester (Cephalosporin Antibiotic)

Electrochemical synthesis of Perfluorobutane sulfonylfluoride

Electrochemical Dyeing of cotton fabrics

Electrochemical conversion of DL-Homocystine to DL-Homocysteine