Undergraduate Studies


The Centre for Education runs a four year/8 semester undergraduate course in Chemical and Electrochemical engineering. affiliated to Anna University, Chennai (Permanent Affiliation Letter). 

This one of a kind B.Tech program, offers the scope for young students to venture into the wide frontiers of advanced chemical and electrochemical technology, with first hand research exposure at the largest electrochemical laboratory in the Asia Pacific region.

The B.Tech program had been designed by a panel of eminent scientists and academic experts in the year 1988, headed by the then Director Dr.Vasu. In the first year, the course covers basic engineering aspects. Important branches in chemical engineering, such as Chemical Process Calculations, Thermodynamics, Chemical Process Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, and Mechanical Operations are dealt with in the second year. In addition, the second year contains an introductory course on the basics of electrochemistry, and also exposes students to the aspects of Organic and Physical Chemistry. The third year continues with the chemical engineering concepts of heat and mass transfer, and then the course moves on to the electrochemical side. Vital branches of Electrochemical engineering, such as Electrodics, Electrochemical Reaction Engineering, Electrochemical Process Technology, Electrochemical Metal Finishing and Corrosion Engineering are covered exhaustively. Important concepts in instrumentation, management and energy technology have also been covered. The final year moves forward with more electrochemical branches such as Electrometallurgy, Electrochemical Material Science, Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Advanced Battery systems. Important keynotes are provided in the field of nanomaterials, professional ethics and Process Dynamics. The course ends with the completion of a specialized research project.

All courses are dealt with by the scientists and specialized engineers at CECRI, who possess years of research experience in their respective fields.  They are extremely congenial and student friendly, and encourage the young students to take part in research projects at their laboratories. The exposure to advanced government funded projects at CECRI motivates students take up research as a carrier. Moreover, they get the opportunity to publish their in acclaimed national and International journals right at the undergraduate level. This greatly boosts their chances of admission into doctoral programs at top ranked universities directly after the completion of B.Tech. Such a trend is evident with regard to the alumni of CECRI, who have pursued their doctorates at universities like Oxford, Stanford, and University of South Carolina amongst many others. The excellent student-alumni contact is also another motivating factor for the students.



    I. BC/MBC/DNC Students Scholarship
                    i) Post Matric
                    ii) Free Education

    II. SC/ST/SCA Students Scholarship

                i) Post Matric
                ii) Free Education

    III. CM AWARD Merit Schlorship

    IV. NSP Scholarship




Admission Procedure

The Admission is purely on the basis of merit through the single window system, as per rule of the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission, Anna University Chennai. The general criteria for admission can be seen from the common prospectus for admission to professional degree courses prescribed by the government of Tamil Nadu, which is issued every year. A total of 40 seats are available for each batch, out of which 5 seats are allotted to the students of other states. Application procedure and important dates may be collected from the website of Anna university, Chennai (Anna University Website).

The following is the basic admission cutoff to gain admission in our college via the single window system of Anna University

 Name of the Programme approved
by the AICTE
No. of Seats
 Cutoff marks for admission during the last three years

         through the single window system

 B.Tech (Chemical and
Electrochemical Engineering)
 35 + 5 (Other 
      State Quota)
 4 Years/ 
8 Semesters
    Year          OC         BC     MBC   SC     SCA 

   196.25    194.75  195.75  183.75  186

   196.5    195.5  194.75  192  176
 2022-23  195    194  188  174  161.4


The total number of seats available for admission as per AICTE approval is 40. Out of this, 5 seats are available to students from states other than Tamilnadu. The seats for other state quota are filled through on-campus counselling, as per admission procedure for National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Rank Holders



 1  910212232035  SRINIVASAN A
 2  910212232033




B.Tech Library

The Centre For Education has its own library with a vast collection of books and journals to cater the needs of all students in relation to their coursework.This facility complements the exhaustive academic resources provided at the knowledge resource centre (KRC),and is managed entirely by student representatives, who are responsible for the safe distribution and return of all books. CFE constantly upgrades its pedantic ration to keep up with recent trends and standards. Each student is allowed to borrow two books at a time, and is expected to return them in proper condition. Strict penalties are levied upon students who damage/ misplace resources that belong to the CFE library.

Central Library

The Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) at CECRI is equipped with a unique collection of resources exhaustively covering a wide spectrum of areas in electrochemistry and its allied disciplines, which is of great utility to both scientists and students.  The library is highly modernized, and has a huge repository of 53,000 books and back volumes of journals, 7500 patents, 2800 standards, and 2700 technical reports. In addition, the institute contributes to the international scientific community by publishing its monthly Research journal, The Bulletin of Electrochemistry. KRC also extends its service to students and researchers hailing from a range of other universities, colleges, and research laboratories.

In order to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of electrochemistry, CECRI has also an e-library, where the students and research scholars have been provided with complete access to leading journals such as Elseiver, ACS,  ECS, John Wiley, OUP, RSC, ISIWOS, Springer, Nature publishing group and T&F. It is the availability of all necessary resources at the tap of a keyboard that makes the students of CECRI stay a step ahead in comparison with those of other institutes.  Click here to go to KRC.


Rules & Procedures

  • ID cards are to be worn mandatorily while in the institute
  • The students are expected to present theselves in a decent attire. 
  • 75% attendance is compulsory, without which students shall not be allowed to write their university examinations.
  • The students are expected comply with safety procedures while working in laboratories.
  • The students must strictly comply with hostel rules and regulations. Day scholars are not allowed inside the hostel without prior permission.
  • Attendance is compulsory for assessment tests and special classes. Any sort of malpractice in tests would warrant severe disciplinary action.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off by the students while attending classes.
  • The students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner while representing CFE outside CECRI.
  • The internet facilities at CFE and B.Tech hostels shall not be misused by students,
  • All facilities provided to the students are a property of CFE. Any damage caused to them by the students would warrant strict action and penalties.
  • It is the responsibility of students to keep the campus clean, green and beautiful.