Tuticorin Overview Capabilities

Marine corrosion

  • atmospheric corrosion of metals & alloys, concrete and electrical & electronic components

  • Seawater corrosion metals & alloys and concrete

  • Cathodic protection a) sacrificial anode and b) impressed current

  • Testing & evaluation of paints in marine atmosphere

  • Development of corrosion inhibitor from marine and terrestrial natural product

  • Evaluation of corrosion inhibitor

  • Effects of dissolved heavy metals on the corrosion behavior of engineering alloys

  • Effects of water soluble fractions of diesel on the corrosion behavior of engineering alloys

Marine fouling

  • Characterization of marine biofilm on natural and manmade substrata

  • Characterization of biofouling on metals & alloys, non-metals and concrete

  • Development of antifouling coatings from natural products

  • Testing & evaluation of antifouling coatings

  • Fouling control by bioremediation technique

  • Intricacies of cathodic protection and biofouling

Marine pollution monitoring

  • Collection and analysis of atmospheric pollutants (NO2, SO2, CO2 , Cl-, etc.)

  • Assessment of seawater quality (physico-chemical, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons)

  • Assessment of pollution indicator bacteria

  • Assessment of heavy metals & petroleum hydrocarbons in marine sediments

  • Identification of phytoplankton, zooplankton and benthic organisms