Electrochemical Process Engineering Overview

The research focuses mainly on the electro synthesis of inorganic chemicals like chlorate and perchlorates of alkali and alkaline earth metals and ammonium perchlorate. Also focuses on development of electrode materials for electrosynthesis of inorganic chemicals.

Major research highlights:

Ø  The generation of hydrogen (i) by PEM based water electrolysis, (ii) by photochemical oxidation of water using molecular catalysis, (iii) by water oxidation using functional electrocatalysts and novel composite electrolytes and (iv) by AEM based water electrolysis using novel non-noble metal based electro-catalysts and anion exchange membranes

Ø  Development of electrochemical processes for a cleaner environment viz., drinking water and wastewater treatment thro electro-oxidation, electro-reduction, electrocoagulation, ectrosynthesis of oxidants (ozone, hypochlorite, hydroxyl radical etc.,) and electrochemical advanced oxidation processes

Ø  3D metal printing technology on development of Ti and Ti alloy based orthopedic and dental implants, construction of light weight metallic structure with topology optimization, process parameter optimization of new materials

Ø  Development of customized bone implant and subsequent surface modification with nano structured coated layer by chemical and electrochemical approach for better biocompatibility, antimicrobial activity and osteointegration

Ø  Synthesis of bio-active glass, glass ceramics, bio-degradable polymers and electrospun composite fibers and fabrication of 3D scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications

Ø  In vitro bioactivity study of nano ceramic coated metallic scaffolds, polymer scaffolds, bone cell – scaffold interaction for evaluation of cell adhesion and proliferation and differentiation and in vivo study in animal model


Ø  3D polymer printing technology on development of bio-polymer/ polymer composite based orthopedic implants, construction of light weight polymeric structure with topology optimization, process parameter optimization of new polymeric materials

Ø  Synthesis of bio-derived as well as petrochemical feedstock based novel and useful bio-degradable polymers and their derivatives; Effective polymer recycling technology to produce useful products and chemicals; CO2, H2, bio- gas separation, gas storage and enrichment

Ø  Development of functionalized carbon based ORR catalyst for Chlor-alkali cell

Ø  Development of electrochemical reactors / processes for the recovery of non-ferrous metals for e.g. copper, silver and gold. Due to different (and fluctuating) levels of composition of waste streams, it is essential to develop customized processes around electrochemical technologies and to support electrochemical reactors, different physical and chemical processes are explored as pre- and post- treatment processes.

a)               a)  Recovery of copper from printed circuit board manufacturing etchant

a)               b)  Recovery of copper from copper rod, wire and copper parts manufacturing pickling solutions

a)               c)   Recovery of gold from industrial process effluent

a)               d)   Recovery of silver from industrial process effluent

a)               e)   Purification of industrial wastewater by electrochemical methods.