Stores & Purchase
last changed 7/8/2013

Stores and Purchase Section is a team of hardworking professionals under the leadership of Stores and Purchase Officer, who strive to keep the system of R&D and other supporting services running in smooth condition by taking care of procurement activities related to materials / services in time and within the ambit of public procurement.

Functions Handled:

  • Processing of indents for procurement of material / equipment / machineries/ instruments, chemicals, glasswares, plasticwares and miscellaneous consumables

  • Processing of indents for maintenance and servicing of equipment / machineries/ instruments

  • Material storage and issue

  • Disposal of scrap

Service Offered:

  • Ensuring timely availability of materials / services

  • Follow-up with vendors for supply of materials

  • Collection of inward materials from transporter

  • Packing and handing over of rejected / damaged materials to transporter for return

  • Providing guidance for procurement of materials and services as per guidelines

  • Fulfilling formalities related to statutory conditions (renewal of licenses, registrations etc)

  • Attending to queries by indentors and vendors

Contact Persons:

1 Shri K P S Ganapathy
Stores and Purchase Officer
Ph:04565 – 241226
Fax:04565 – 227206
Email: spo[at]

Ph:04565 – 241217, 241227
Email: purchase[at]