Director's Message

Dear CSIR-CECRI Family,

CSIR-CECRI, blessed abundantly by the support of visionary leaders and the philanthropist, Vallal Dr. RM. Alagappa Chettiar, is well known for its unique strength in the field of Electrochemical Science and Technology. We, being the Electrochemists, either by education and / or training, feel so proud especially with the current scenario, wherein the as the entire globe is looking for cleaner , greener, non-emitting and zero carbon technologies, which could be made possible by adopting customized technologies based on electrochemistry. Our unique capabilities in the research areas of Corrosion and Material Protection (CMP), Electrochemical Power Sources (EPS), Electrochemical Process Engineering (EPE),  Electrodics and ElectroCatalysis (EEC), Electro-Organic and Materials Electrochemistry (EME) & Electroplating and Metal Finishing (EMF) need to be leveraged to the extent of addressing societal, domestic, strategic and industrial challenges and the time-to time evolving special requirements by using simple, easy-to-adopt, economically viable and potentially impactful electrochemical processes and technologies. With the fast changing life style pattern and the unassuming requirements of this modern e-globe, this is high time for us to raise to the occasion, demonstrate the feasibility of adoption and implementation of electrochemical techniques in our every walk of our life; this exercise would help us in a major way to justify the relevance of CSIR-CECRI as a sustainable service provider and to gain global acceptance as an “All time relevant Model Research Institute”. Let us reorient, rededicate and re-energize ourselves towards realizing the said target.


Looking forward your seamless support…