Chennai Milestones / Achievements Patents


S. No.TitleInventorsCountryApp.No.Filing DatePatent No.Patent Seal Date
1 A process for the preparation of Brush plated TIN Sulpho selenide semiconductor thin film electrode useful for photoelectrochemical ( PEC) Cells S Mohan,    0144NF2006/IN
2 Self supported membranes for air humidification Santoshkumar D Bhat, Japan  5528357
3 A device for producing electrical power.Patent application S Mohan, India  57/del95
4 A process for the colouring of stainless steel useful for the manufacture of utensils for solar cookers S Mohan, India  804/del/92
5 An improved process for the preparation of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) MU Sreekuttan, India  869/DEL/2011 A
6 Process for the preparation of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs)s of nitrogen-doped carbon electro-catalyst MU Sreekuttan, US  9,490,488 B2
7 Internal Humidification In Low Temperature PEM Fuel Cell By Means Of A Wick Santoshkumar D Bhat, Europe  EP 3164902 B1
8 Test3 P Periasamy, Test3Test App 11-Oct-2012 Test3 10-Oct-2012
9 A process for the preparation of nitrogen doped carbon nanohorn for oxygen reduction electrocatalysis MU Sreekuttan, WO  WO 2015/059718 A1
10 Novel step towards a comprehensive solution to the problem of cost effective energy and food waste management MU Sreekuttan, WO  WO 2015029076 A1
11 A process for the preparation of PBI based membrane electrode assembly (MEA) with improved fuel cell performance and stability MU Sreekuttan, WO  WO/2015/087348A1